Company Profile

THE JANA OCEAN TRADING COMPANY. is a 100% import oriented Shrimps & Fish Processing Plant which was established in the year of 2013 situated at 301, Saudi Arabia. The Managing Director of the JANA OCEAN TRADING COMPANY. who’s long experience ensure for quality and dependability of the standard of the finished product. We export our product all over the world with maintain proper production procedure. In every steps of production we maintain the hygienic. We always try to make satisfy our buyers. Our buyers also loyal with our product. Since our born of industries we adapt and implement of Quality assurance.

Since then the plant was renovated, reconstructed and provided all the necessary facilities for processing safe and quality fish and fisheries products. Jana Ocean Product Industries Ltd. emerged as a re-known Bangladeshi as Frozen Food exporter to Europe, America & middle East countries.

Realizing the global demand JANA OCEAN Product Industries Ltd. resolute to produce and assure the buyer and consumers offering safe and quality products of “Lasso” and “Shark” brand. So, the owner of the company is determined to adapt and implement the HACCP based Quality Assurance and Management Program for the production of Fish / Shrimp Products.

The regularity agencies of USA & EU countries are enforcing HACCP Based Quality Management / Assurance Program mandatory for the fish processing establishment intended to the export to those countries. All the seafood processors shall have to comply with the HACCP concept. HACCP is an acronym of Hazard Analysis and critical control point. It is a new system of human ideology. Its incompetence in terms of time and cost involvement and agree of confidence in assuring products safety and protecting public health.

Business highlights:

  • Year of establishment – 2013
  • Business Activities – Import from Bangladesh(JANA OCEAN TRADING COMPANY and HM FOOD & BEVERAGE is Importer and Exporter Partner
  • Export Country – BD, VN, MY, PK.
  • Membership:
    • Chittagong Chamber of commerce & Industry
    • Bangladesh Frozen Food Exporter Association.
  • Import Countries: Pakistan, Vietnam, UAE, India, Japan, Malaysia.