Accounts & Cash Executive

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White Pomfret

Pampus argenteus, the silver pomfret or white pomfret, is a species of butterfish that lives in the Indo-West Pacific, spanning the coastal waters of the Middle East, Eastern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Scientific name: Pampus argenteusLocal Name: Rup ChadaEnglish Name: White Pomfret Product: IQF

Silver Cup

Scientific Name: Hypophthalmichthys molitrixEnglish Name: Silver CarpBengali Name: Silver CarpLocal Name: Carpu Product IQF


Scientific name: Monopterus cuchiaLocal Name: Kuchiya Product: IQF

Sor puti

Product: IQFSize: 5/8, 8/10, 1 Up, 2 Up, 3 Up, 4 Up, 15/20,

Sor puti

Products: IQFSize: 5/8, 8/10, 1 Up, 2 Up, 3 Up, 4 Up, 15/20


Product: Steak Frozen Sankehead Whole RoundProduct: Whole


Frozen Puti size 50-100g, 100-200g,200-300gProduct: IQF